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We offer different models of padel courts for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as stationary and mobile solutions.

With an area of approximately 200 m2, padel court takes up minimal space compared to a tennis court. Three padel courts with 12 players can be equipped with the same space occupied by one tennis court.
Many years of experience and continuous development of quality, styling and design give us ability to offer the best padel courts adapted tour climate and ground.

The size of the field is 20 x 10 meters measured from the inside dimensions of the court. For the total installation area, 21 x 11 meters are required. This is at least 0.5 meters more on the short and long sides. At both ends of the court (on opposite sides) there is a 3 meters high wall made of strengthened glass. The walls pass from the corners of the court, along the length of the court 4 m. Padel courts can be used as external and internal (in the hall). The minimum height of the ceiling is 6 m. Lighting of the court, both external and internal, should also be at a height of 6 m.

How to build a padel court?

Construction works are very diverse and it depends on the chosen model of the court.
In the case of year-round construction in open air, earthworks are extremely important because the playing area must be stable and safe. The first point and one of the most important for the installation of the padel court is the creation of a flat ground or circumferential edge, in accordance with the functions required by engineer’s design. This work should be free from defects such as unevenness or protrusions. The surface underneath which the load-bearing layer and drainage system are laid, allows water particles to pass through. That is why the season becomes long and the only snow and ice can limit us.

The structure is anchored with stainless steel expansion bolts. Artificial turf is laid on the polyurethane surface and about 3 tons of sand is filled in. It makes it well attached and gives the possibility to play all year round, regardless of weather conditions.


Our padel courts have excellent corrosion protection in welds and steel truss profiles. The steel profiles are 3.5 mm thick and are made of very high quality steel compared to many other courts which have steel profiles only with a thickness of 1.5-2 mm. Our glass is made of the highest quality and is tested for safety in accordance to current standards and certificates. The whole structure is also checked by the national standardization bodies, and all fittings on the court are made of stainless steel in A4 quality. Courts are painted by designated painters to ensure maximum durability and quality. The track is fenced and has glass walls.