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Polyurethane Surfaces

We offer different types of plastic coatings for multi-surface applications. Both dense and water-permeable systems, all well working in combination with daily and frequent use. We have many years of experience in the field of plastic coating and act as a supplier and partner in the entire project, providing an optimal solution. Plastic coatings for multi-surface applications are different from those for athletics applications.

If you need advice on the advantages and disadvantages of different systems, please contact us.

Basically, plastic coatings are manufactured for multi-surface applications according to two different principles. They are either water permeable or dense. As in the case of athletics tracks, the most commonly used systems are water permeable.

The basis for both types of systems must be an adhesive coating. Most often it is a drainage, but it can also be a PU bonded stone coating called ET coating.

What are the advantages of our polyurethane coating?

Several types of coating to choose from, Competent advice before purchasing the cladding and a high level of service throughout the process. We also provide track maintenance.