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In Mexico, where the sport comes from, there is a hot climate conducive to open courts for playing padel. There is no need to roof facilities that can operate all year round generating large profits with relatively little money. In Europe for the investment to be profitable and pay for itself in 5 or 10 years you need to be sure that the facility will be available all year round. Therefore, in cooperation with companies installing halls we offer a solution that we think is the most beneficial from the economic point of view: the air-assisted construction, also known as a dome or bubble/balloon or pneumatic hall. It is a truly unique construction system. A slightly higher air pressure inside the baloon supports the whole structure - fresh air constantly circulates in the structure to maintain a slightly higher internal pressure. Pneumatic hall is a cost-effective and popular solution for sports facilities. Because they are air-backed structures, they do not require a substructure. The materials used to manufacture the air domes are selected specifically for each project, taking into account the location of the installation, weather conditions and building purpose.

Pneumatic halls

Pneumatic halls include:

heating and blowing system, coating system,emergency power supply, steel wire rope network, lighting, anchoring system.

Advantages of our halls: installation on the existing background, no need for a building permit, no internal supports.

The construction of a pneumatic hall is the cheapest way to roof a football pitch or tennis/padel court.